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Anti-rust Maintenance Of Bathroom Cabinet

Dec 04 , 2018

Many consumers have reported that the PVC Bathroom Cabinet in the home have been used for 2 years. The stainless steel lotus leaves are rusted, all of which are small spots. Stainless steel is generally not rusted because its surface layer is protected by a passive film to prevent stainless steel from rusting. As long as the film is not damaged, cracked or contaminated with impurities, the stainless steel will not rust. However, if the passive film is damaged if it is used or improperly maintained, the stainless steel will rust.

So how do you usually care?

1. Use the appropriate tools

When cleaning stainless steel, use a tool that is not abrasive. Soft cloth and plastic rubbing will not damage the stainless steel surface. Of course, you can also clean the ball with stainless steel, but you must wipe it in the same direction as the sanding line.

2. Purified water

Purified water reduces many deposits and filters can filter out odorless and corrosive ingredients.

3. Use alkaline or bleach-free detergent

Try to use detergents that do not contain bleach, and avoid using chlorine-containing detergents as this may cause small pits or rust.

4. Rinse and dry

If you are using a bleach-containing detergent, you need to rinse as soon as possible and wipe it off immediately. After drying the device, it is naturally air-dried because oxygen can protect the passive film of stainless steel.

In addition to knowing how to care for the bathroom cabinet, the quality of the Waterproof PVC Bathroom Cabinet itself is also very important! Hardware accessories are an important part of the entire bathroom cabinet.

PVC Bathroom Cabinet

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