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Introduction To Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Nov 27 , 2018

Studies have shown that the bathroom space is humid and closed, making it easier to become a base for bacteria. It has hundreds of millions of invisible bacteria, even in the absence of a bathroom, the bacteria content of the bathroom is 60% more than ordinary air. To this end, Cast Iron Bathtub Supplier specially organized a few cleaning tips to help you make the bathroom in your home really clean.


The frequency of our daily faucets is extremely high. I heard that the faucet has more than 6,000 bacteria per square centimeter. If you are not clean, and you will continue to get new bacteria, it will cause hidden dangers for your health. It takes a long time to grow moss and breed a lot of bacteria.

Cleaning tips: toothpaste wipe

Apply the toothpaste to the faucet, then wipe it with a damp cloth and rinse off. After this simple operation, the faucet will be the same as the new one, sparkling! Remember not to use alkaline cleaners, as well as steel balls and other cleaning faucets, to avoid rusting the surface of the faucet.


The toilet is a channel for discharging dirt, not to mention bacteria.

Cleaning tips: vinegar, baking soda, cola, etc. can be descaled

In addition to the direct use of detergents, "salted vinegar + water soaking", "soda soda + hot water soaking", "Coke into the toilet soaking" and other methods can play the role of descaling and decontamination of the toilet.

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The damp environment of the bathtub and the dander and dirt left after bathing are particularly suitable for the growth of bacteria, especially molds, which may cause skin and urinary infections.

Cleaning tips: professional detergent soak

Fill the bathtub with hot water, soak it and drain it. Spray the special surface cleaner on the porcelain surface of the bathtub, let the detergent stay on the surface for 15 minutes before scrubbing. Usually it is enough to scrub once a week.

Introduction To Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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