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The Installation Precautions Of Bathroom Cabinet

Dec 10 , 2018

1 Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet should remove accumulated water in time to prevent softening and deformation.

2 PVC Bathroom Cabinet should be kept away from heat sources above 70 °C.

3 It is best to use a neutral detergent to wipe the surface of the cabinet. The long-term exposure of the paint film becomes yellow and embrittled. If there is water in the MDF and solid wood furniture, it must be removed in time.

4 Prevent direct sunlight in the sun, prevent swelling, and help to prolong the service life, especially after the shower to avoid long-term fumigation of water vapor.

5 When installing the cabinet feet, try to lean on the outer side to balance the cabinet.

6 When looking at the four feet, it is stable. If it is not on the same horizontal line, the cabinet will be unevenly stressed and the lines will be twisted, which will not only affect the appearance but also affect the service life.

7 The water pipe should be connected to check for water leakage.

8 Please read the installation instructions of the bathroom cabinet carefully when installing the bathroom cabinet. Try to install the dimensions, methods and accessories according to the instructions.

9 When installing the inlet and outlet pipes, connect them tightly and check them regularly to avoid water leakage affecting the cabinet.

10 Hardware handles, towel rods or bracket parts should be regularly maintained with wax products.

11 The bathroom cabinet is used for a long time, the door hinge and the rail are loose. Please take out the screw, add a proper amount of wood chips to the original hole and add a little 502 glue, then tighten the screw to the original hole.

12 Bath cabinet doors and drawers may be slightly offset due to shock or bump during transportation. The drawer or door may not move smoothly. You can use the screwdriver to adjust the drawer rail adjustment method and the hinge mounting adjustment method. Adjust it.

Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet

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