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What Should You Do If The Bathtub Is Blocked?

Sep 20 , 2018

Bathing in the Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub is a very enjoyable thing, but in the process of using the bathtub, many people have encountered the problem of bathtub blockage. What is the cause of the bathtub blockage? After the blockage, can you only ask someone to clear it? How can you unblock it? How to unblock the bathtub sewer? The following Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub Supplier can explain.

Cause of bathtub blockage

The reason for the blockage of the bathtub is that the hair usually causes the toilet to leak. Therefore, one cage is often used for drain covers and other protective equipment, and if the hair can easily pick up the bucket. The reason for the blockage of the bathtub is that it is very common to use a hard object to congest the sewer and not use it to accidentally break into the congested drainage of hard objects. The reason for the blockage of the bathtub is that the decoration causes the sewer to become fouled. This is the most likely to produce furniture, we have encountered a lot, because when you are not careful, due to sewer congestion caused by renovation, this is definitely not a coupling, so we must do maintenance measures.

How to clear the bathtub sewer

How to clear the bathtub 1, Because there is a cover at the drain in the bathtub, you can only get rid of the floor drain. Buy a hand-cranked spiral wire and push it from the floor drain until it feels like a foreign body. Pull the side of the ground and pull it up. Congested hair and other dirt will squirt on the spiral wire.

How to clear the bathtub sewer 2, put the caustic soda into the mouth of the sewer, and then pour the boiling water into it.

How to clear the bathtub sewer 3, you can use thick rattan, rattan head nails 10*8 inch long nails, one side into the rotation and stir, loose the debris, then pour in the concentrated alkali solution, then push the rattan If you do it repeatedly, it will be dredging.

How to clear the bathtub sewer 4. If the above methods are not effective, you need the help of professionals.

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