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How To Install A Cast Iron Bathtub?

Sep 13 , 2018

The cast iron bathtub is made of special materials and is very expensive. The installation of the cast iron bathtub is also very important, so how to install the cast iron bathtub? The following Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub Supplier will give you a specific introduction.

1, Built-in Cast Iron Bathtub is made of cast iron, the surface is covered with enamel, so the weight is very large, it is not easy to produce noise when used; because the casting process is more complicated, the cast iron bathtub is generally simple in shape and expensive.

2, cast iron bathtub because of the thick wall of the bathtub, so its outstanding feature is good thermal insulation performance, favored by some consumers who value the thermal insulation performance, but in fact, 90% of the heat loss of the bathtub during bathing is through the heat exchange between the water surface and the air. Only 10% of the heat is lost through the cylinder; in addition, such as low water injection noise, easy to clean, acid and alkali resistant chemicals, high gloss, etc., due to various characteristics of the material, it becomes a bathtub of acrylic and so on. An insurmountable advantage.

3, so the price of a typical cast iron bathtub is 2-3 times that of an acrylic bathtub. As a built-in bathtub, the installation procedure is the same, but the cast iron bathtub is much heavier, but it can be done once and for all, so buying a cast iron bathtub is a good choice. ,

4, cast iron bathtub characteristics: cast iron and enamel is an extremely durable material, the bathtub made of it can usually be used for more than 50 years, many cast iron bathtubs in foreign countries are used for generations. The surface of the cast iron bathtub is glazed at high temperature, smooth and flat for easy cleaning. The price of cast iron bathtubs is 2-3 times more expensive than steel and steel bathtubs. This is also an important reason why it is difficult to popularize in the market.

5, the next step is the installation method of the specific bathtub. At the installation site, according to the actual size of the bathtub, the brick and concrete skirt should be used, the outer part and the upper part of the skirt should be tiled, and the bottom should be brick and cement platform. The height is just right to the bottom of the bathtub.

6 Then the bathtub is opened and the package is inserted from the upper part, and the sewer pipe is connected, so that the bottom of the bathtub skirt is in contact with the skirt. This must be careful, from the loading to the connection of the sewer pipe must pay attention to the bathtub and the surrounding.

7. Finally, I would like to give you some suggestions on the installation method of the bathtub. In order to stabilize the bathtub and extend the service life of the bathtub, it is recommended to put the glass glue on the place where the bathtub is in contact with the skirt and the wall, so as to effectively keep the bottom of the bathtub dry. Extended service life.

Built-in Cast Iron Bathtub

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