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Aspects To Consider When Purchasing A Bathtub

Sep 29 , 2018

(1) Styles and materials

1. In addition to the traditional bathtub, many students now choose the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi is divided into three types: vortex type, bubble type, and vortex bubble combination. It should be clear when purchasing;

2, the material of the bathtub is mainly made of Drop In Acrylic Bathtub, steel plate and cast iron. Among them, the Cast Iron Bathtub is the highest, the acrylic and steel plate are the second, and the ceramic is the absolute mainstream of the past bathtub. Now it is almost invisible on the market;

3, the quality of the bathtub material is mainly to see whether the surface is smooth, hand touch is smooth. Especially for steel plates and cast iron bathtubs, if the enamel is not well plated, there will be fine ripples on the surface;

4. The quality and thickness of the material are related to the firmness of the bathtub. The students can't see it by visual inspection. You need to press it by hand and try it with your foot. If there is a feeling of sag, it means that the hardness is not enough. Of course, it is best to win the consent of the merchant before stepping on.

(2) Size and shape

1, the size of the bathtub should be determined according to the size of the bathroom, if it is determined to install the bathtub in the corner, usually speaking, the triangular bathtub takes up more space than the rectangular bathtub;

2, the same size of the bathtub, its depth, width, length and contour are not the same, if you like the depth of the water, the location of the waste exit will be higher;

3. For a bathtub with a skirt on one side, pay attention to the direction of the skirt according to the position of the sewer and the wall when purchasing. If you buy the wrong one, you cannot install it.

4. If there is a shower head on the bathtub, the bathtub should be slightly wider. The bathtub below the shower position should be flat and should be treated with anti-slip treatment.

Cast Iron Bathtub

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