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The Paint That Besmear Brushs Bathroom Ark Introduces

Nov 23 , 2018

Usually when we go to buy a solid wood bathroom cabinet, we will always hear that this is a closed paint, which is open paint. What do these mean? What is the difference in quality? Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturer will come to explain for you.

Open paint and seal paint are the common paint process when the bathroom cabinet is used to treat the veneer surface. It is a big link that cannot be ignored. This is related to the beauty and use of the furniture. Different painting methods have different characteristics.

The application of sealer and open paint is a Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet. There are many pipes inside the wood. When cut, many holes are formed on the surface of the wood. The definition of closure and opening is the blockage of these controls. The formation of the surface texture of the wood bathroom cabinet is the beauty of the solid wood bathroom cabinet.

What is open paint

Open paint refers to the natural characteristics of wood grain, the process of completely revealing the brown hole of wood surface texture, obvious wood hole, clear texture and strong natural feeling, but its high cost and high requirements for spraying technology. Relatively speaking, it is selected. The material is strict and demanding, and it is a popular finishing process in recent years.

Open paint is overly dependent on the texture of the original wood matrix, so it is relatively strict and demanding in terms of material selection. Its high cost and high requirements for spraying technology. Generally speaking, the open hole requires that the brown hole of the wood must be deep and obvious, such as oak. The wood feel is strong, and the scratch is not easy to see.

What is a sealer?

The sealing paint is a painting process in which the surface of the wood is completely brown and closed by paint. The surface of the wood substrate is full, thick, bright and smooth, and the sealing paint can be suitable for all wood substrates.

Closed paint is a kind of finishing process in which the wood tube hole is deeply buried in the transparent coating layer. The main component is unsaturated resin with high concentration. The hand touch material is particularly smooth. It is very bright with high gloss paint.

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