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How To Design A Perfect Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet?

Dec 18 , 2018

One: drawing on the living room cabinet layout

Whether it's a single-sided basin design or a two-person combination, the Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets are no longer simple door-to-door or drawer styles. The rich variations and combinations create more design and take advantage of the limited space.

Two: suspended installation

Most of the urban apartments are limited in size. Therefore, the design of the bathroom furniture must take into account the small area. The use of suspended installations can visually alleviate the crowdedness.

Relieve the ground pressure: Try to install all the bathroom furniture in a wall-mounted manner and empty the floor. This method will not create a sanitary corner that is difficult to clean. When you look around, you can see the baseboard. I feel that the room is still quite spacious.

Three: light and open

The furniture that complements the wash basin features a fully open design that accentuates the light visual experience and is especially important in small bathrooms.

1. Open-type solution to the damp problem: Due to the wet and closed space of the bathroom, the fully open bathroom furniture can help keep it dry and hygienic in a space where it can't be separated. Especially in the area under the wash basin, it is more scientific to separate the cleaning supplies from the downpipes.

2, transparent design for space decompression: the use of frame structure of Eco-Frendily Wood Bathroom Cabinet raw materials has been greatly reduced, in line with environmental design trends. The simple structure is convenient for daily cleaning and scrubbing. When people stand at any angle, the line of sight will not be blocked.

Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet

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