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Four Point Speed Know The Style Classification Of The Bathroom Cabinet

Dec 21 , 2018

Sanitary ware refers to the sanitary ware used in the bathroom and the sanitary ware used in the kitchen washing. This time, the Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet Supplier shares the inside of the sanitary ware. The size and style of the European-style bathroom cabinet are classified. There are several classification methods for the bathroom cabinet, some according to the size. Classification, some according to material classification, some according to classification, some according to installation methods, etc.

 According to the size classification: currently common on the market is between 60cm-2 meters, of which the size of 1m-1.5m has been purchased for the most people.

According to the material classification: the material of the bathroom cabinet is pvc, stainless steel, multi-layer solid wood, solid wood, etc. At present, stainless steel and solid wood are the most popular, but the waterproofness and stability of Eco-Frendily Wood Bathroom Cabinet is much higher than that of stainless steel, which will replace stainless steel in the future.

 According to the style classification: the market has a variety of styles, there are modern, post-modern, neo-classical, European, antique, classical, American and other styles, can be purchased according to their own decoration style.

According to the installation method: At present, the market is both floor-standing and wall-mounted. The floor is the four-footed cabinet, and the wall-hanging needs to be punched and fixed in the wall. If the quality of the wall-mounted cabinet is improper, it is likely to fall off. The danger is recommended to use the landing cabinet.

Eco-Frendily Wood Bathroom Cabinet

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