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How Is The Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet Waterproof And Moistureproof?

Nov 14 , 2018

Nowadays, solid wood bathroom cabinets have become an indispensable household item. Many people do not pay much attention to the maintenance of bathroom cabinets. It is important to maintain the bathroom cabinets that are often exposed to water vapor. The following Bathroom Cabinet Supplier tells you how to maintain the solid wood bathroom cabinet

1. How to waterproof the solid wood bathroom cabinet?

The wooden bathroom cabinet absorbs water and is easily deformed, so it has very strict requirements on the surrounding environment, while the bathroom of an ordinary family generally has only a few square meters of space, and it is not easy to achieve a wet and dry partition.

When purchasing a bathroom cabinet, a composite board such as a fireproof board, a wear-resistant board, or a high-molecular polymer can be used as a cabinet material, which not only has good moisture resistance, but also simulates the color of solid wood.

2. Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet legs, moisture-proof

Nowadays, many people choose the bathroom cabinet with metal legs during the decoration. It is recommended that everyone use the aluminum cabinet legs. The "skeleton" of the aluminum cabinet legs is strong, and there is no fear in the face of the "pressure" of the basin. The rust prevention features ensure the cabinet legs. Does not rust after contact with water.

In the place where the cabinet is in contact with the cabinet door, the rubber strip with anti-collision function is installed, the impact force can be well buffered, and a simple small discovery can easily eliminate the noise of closing the door, and the moisture is also rejected. . Wrap the edges of the board with a multi-purpose anti-collision rubber strip to completely block the intrusion of moisture.

3. Solid wood bathroom cabinet basin maintenance

The bathroom cabinet with the basin directly connected to the cabinet is common and frequently used. The water outlet pipe of the basin will enter the underground through the bottom plate, and the condensed water in the basin will also be immersed in the bottom of the cabinet from the cutting edge of the plate, so that the floor of the bathroom cabinet is deformed by moisture. As long as a waterproof bottom drain is installed at the pipe outlet at the bottom of the pool, the service life of the cabinet can be extended.

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