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Five Key Points Can Improve The Usability And Appearance Of Bathroom Cabinets

Nov 16 , 2018

Simple bathroom furniture can only meet the basic reception function, but in order to create a perfect and delicate bathroom for you, the style of furniture becomes very important. The following five design directions PVC Bathroom Cabinet Supplier introduce represent the most popular elements at present. Choose the right ones and upgrade your bathroom cabinet hardware.

One: draw lessons from living room cabinet pattern

Whether it is a one-sided basin design or a two-person combination, the PVC Bathroom Cabinet is no longer a simple opposite door or drawer style, rich changes and combinations create more sense of design, but also make full use of the limited space.

Make full use of wall space: modular cabinet unit can skillfully use the gap between two basins, with wall storage grid, not only solve the reception problem, but also easily arrange the theme wall of the bathroom.

Two: suspended installation

In urban apartments, most bathrooms are still limited in area. Therefore, the design of bathroom furniture must take into account the problem of small area, and use the hanging installation method to ease the embarrassment of crowding visually.

Three: light and open style.

Furniture matched with washbasin is fully open design, which highlights the light visual feeling, especially in small bathroom. Open-style solution to the problem of humidity: due to the characteristics of the bathroom humid closed space, in the space that can not achieve the separation of wet and dry, fully open-style bathroom furniture can help to maintain dryness and hygiene. Especially in the area below the washbasin, it is more scientific to separate the cleaning supplies from the water pipes.

Four: free assembly

Likes the free bathroom life, reads books here, does the body-building exercise, the movable single bathroom furniture is designed to meet these needs.

Expansible units: With the increase of family population and the change of storage demand, independent storage units can be continuously supplemented, without fear of destroying the previous design.

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