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Bathtub Decontamination New Trick

Oct 27 , 2018

The years do not leave people, but in fact, the bathtubs that are often wiped and washed by us will also be "old age faded". After a long time, there will be collapse, stains, roughening and so on. At this time, in order to reduce expenses, in order to avoid buying expensive bathtubs again, some engineering companies can be asked to renovate the bathtub. Once the bathtub has been refurbished and has a beautiful, shiny surface, it is natural to take care. For the bathtub that I just bought, I want to take care of it and extend my life. Here you will be taught how to clean the bathtub and keep the bathtub shiny.

Bathtub Decontamination Tip 1: Clean the bathtub every week to make sure your bathtub stays dry after each use.

Bathtub decontamination door 2: Use a neutral liquid cleaner and a flexible cloth or a good sponge for the bathtub.

Bathtub decontamination door 3: Do not use worn and highly alkaline cleaning products.

Bathtub decontamination door 4: Avoid using dark detergents, which can easily cause pigment to penetrate into the cylinder surface.

Bathtub decontamination door 5: After using the hose, don't forget to turn off the water to avoid frequent dripping and causing the bathtub.

Bathtub decontamination door 6: If there is any damage to the bathtub, it should be repaired immediately to avoid further deterioration.

Bathtub decontamination door 7: Do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, they will make the bathtub rust and stain the surface.

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