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The Origin Of The Smart Toilet

Oct 29 , 2018

The smart toilet originated in the United States for medical and geriatric care, initially with a warm water wash function. After South Korea, the Japanese sanitary ware company gradually introduced technology to manufacture, and added a variety of functions such as heat cover heating, warm water washing, warm air drying, and sterilization. At present, smart toilets on the market are generally divided into two types, one is a smart toilet with cleaning, heating, sterilization, etc., and the other is a smart toilet that can automatically change the film.

The hips of the smart toilet are washed with a unique vortex rotating bubble nozzle, which has a massage effect and promotes blood circulation, completely clean feeling. Avoid bacterial growth.

Flushing can also adjust the water flow intensity according to personal preference. The intensity of the water flow can be adjusted in multiple steps to make you more comfortable. The water temperature can be adjusted in multiple speeds according to the choice of (32-40) degrees; the nozzle is automatically cleaned after use. Suitable for ergonomic design, the seat is equipped with electric heating device, the temperature can be selected between 25-40 degrees, even in cold weather, it will give you a warm and comfortable. Antibacterial: The seat is made of antibacterial synthetic materials. The experiment proves that the antibacterial powder has an antibacterial rate of over 98% for Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus! Prevent cross-infection of pathogens in frequent contact areas during daily use.

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U-type Toilet Seat

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