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Need To Pay Attention To The Installation Of Acrylic Bathtub

Oct 19 , 2018

Drop In Acrylic Bathtub installation

1. There must be at least 2 mm clearance between the edge of the acrylic bathtub and the wall, and at least 4 mm clearance in the vertical direction to prevent noise and vibration from spreading, and avoid glaze delamination of the acrylic bathtub caused by wall expansion and cracking.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use cement and caulking agent to fill the gap. Neutral mildew silicone sealant must be used.

3. It is strictly forbidden to soak the tiles in the acrylic bathtub, stack the yellow sand, cement and cleaning construction tools.

4. It is strictly forbidden to mix stones, broken bricks, etc. in the yellow sand paste, and fully contact the acrylic bathtub floor with the yellow sand cement to ensure that the bottom of the acrylic bathtub is evenly applied.

5. Before placing the acrylic bathtub, apply a high-quality sanitary silicone filler to all surfaces that meet the edge of the acrylic bathtub.

6. For the acrylic bathtub with anti-slip pattern, do not immerse the sewage in the acrylic bathtub or accumulate water for a long time during the installation to prevent rust.

7. When transporting the acrylic bathtub, especially near the edge of the acrylic bathtub, do not use sharp objects or tools.

8, cast iron acrylic bathtub is very heavy, Cast Iron Bathtub Suppliers is sure to wear appropriate installation equipment when installing.

Drop In Acrylic Bathtub

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