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Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet Maintenance Tips

Oct 23 , 2018

Bathroom cabinets are items that are often used in our homes, so daily maintenance is very important. Below is a Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub Supplier to tell you some places to pay attention to when you usually maintain the bathroom cabinet.

1, Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet should avoid close to heat, power, water, avoid direct sunlight.

2. After each wash, the water on the countertop should be wiped clean in time to avoid corrosion caused by accumulated water.

3, regular waxing, every 12 months, use paste wax for a layer of wax on the bathroom cabinet, including the cabinet, hardware handle, towel bar and bracket part.

4, the door panel surface to prevent sharp scratches, to prevent moisture, can not have water droplets on the door panel for a long time, to prevent soaking the door panel, if the glue is stuck on the door panel, you can use the maintenance cleaning wax to gently wipe, you can not use Steel ball.

5, do not expose to the sun in the bathroom cabinet, to maintain a clean and ventilated, dry and wet separation, develop the habit of opening the window to open the door.

Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet

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