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How To Check And Accept Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet?

Jan 27 , 2019

The production process of the bathroom cabinet has gone through many processes from material selection to production. So, what aspects do we need to choose when choosing a bathroom cabinet to choose a quality bathroom cabinet? Today, here, Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet Supplier gives you some points to pay attention to when purchasing a bathroom cabinet.

Note 1: Appearance

At the time of acceptance, it is first necessary to check the appearance of the Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet . This is a place where there are many problems during production and transportation. From this, it can be seen how well a product is handled in detail.

1. Observe the surface of the cabinet. Do not have scratches, granules, broken skin, chromatic aberration

2. The paint surface of the bathroom cabinet should be smooth and free of particles, roughness, fog, scratches, pinholes, etc.

3. Use a tape measure to measure the size of the bathroom cabinet to see if it is the same size as the merchant.

4. The color difference between the actual product and the product page shown on the product page should be as small as possible.

5. The cabinet should be flat and cannot be tilted or asymmetrical.

Note 2: Material

1. Whether the materials used are consistent with the promotion of the business. If they are inconsistent, there must be a problem.

2. The material of the bathroom cabinet should not have cracks.

3. Do not use insect and decay materials.

4. The materials used must comply with environmental protection requirements and must not exceed substances that are harmful to the human body.

Note 3: cabinet doors, drawers

The gap between the door and the door of the bathroom cabinet should not exceed 3mm, the left and right door panels should be neat, and there should be no undulation in the visual sense.

The gap should not be too small, otherwise it will be easy to rub, resulting in poor opening and closing, and affect product life. Check the guide rails of the drawer during acceptance. The good guide rails can move in and out smoothly after a reasonable load, without noise.

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