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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Materials Of Bathroom Cabinets

Nov 07 , 2018

1. Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets are made of solid wood as the main substrate. They are treated with waterproof and environmentally friendly paint. Compared with other artificial boards, solid wood cabinets have lower formaldehyde emission, natural environmental protection and more durable. Advantages: healthy and environmentally friendly, natural and honest, high-grade and elegant, can fully reflect the owner's home grade and identity. Disadvantages: expensive. At the same time, if the environment is very dry, it is easy to chapped, so the wet cotton wipes are often used for cleaning during maintenance.

2, ceramic bathroom cabinets directly according to the ceramic body made of mold to make the cabinet, the countertop is generally ceramic. Advantages: easy to care, can fully reflect the owner's clean and bright rhythm. Disadvantages: Ceramics are fragile items, and if heavy objects hit, they are easily damaged.

3, PVC Bathroom Cabinet mainly use PVC as a plastic panel, which is vacuum-pressure-adsorbed on a MDF or moisture-proof board. The moisture-proof board is a solidified material of moisture-proof particles, generally blue or green, which can be sucked after being blister-coated. As one, no need for edge sealing, it has excellent moisture and waterproof properties. Advantages: rich in color, resistant to high temperatures, scratch-resistant, easy to clean. Disadvantages: Chemical resistance is not high.

4, stainless steel bathroom cabinets are made of high-quality stainless steel plates and other materials processed through several processes. Advantages: Good stainless steel bathroom cabinets have good waterproof performance, durable, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, diverse in style and unique in design. Disadvantages: Due to material limitations, the cabinet is thin and practical. At the same time, it is easy to leave traces of soap and shampoo. Stainless steel is easy to darken and lose its original brilliance. Each of the above five types of bathroom cabinets has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consumers can use it to refer to the best bathroom cabinets that suit them, giving them a refreshing experience and enjoyment.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Materials Of Bathroom Cabinets

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