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How To Choose The Bathtub That Suits You Best?

Feb 15 , 2019

As income levels increase, people are increasingly pursuing the enjoyment of life. At the time of renovation, people will use a bathtub instead of a traditional shower for an area-allowed bathroom. So what are the types of bathtubs? What should you pay attention to when choosing a bathtub? Today we will take you to know about bathtubs.

How to choose a bathtub

1, consider the overall effect of the bathroom

When purchasing a Drop In Cast Iron Bathtub , consider the overall effect of the bathtub in the bathroom and other sanitary ware. The color of the bathtub should preferably match the color of the toilet bowl or the washstand, or it should not be too different. Style and color should be able to blend into the bathroom style.

2, according to the size of the bathroom area to choose a bathtub

When choosing a bathtub, consider how big the bathroom is. Choose a bathtub that fits the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is small, you can consider a 1.4m, 1.5m bathtub when you choose. If the bathroom is large, you can buy a 1.6m or 1.7m bathtub. If the bathroom is oversized, consider choosing a double bath or considering an upscale jacuzzi. If the size of the bathroom is very small, it is recommended not to choose a bathtub. Consider setting up a shower.

3, pay attention to the thickness of the bathtub

The thickness of the bathtub affects the insulation of the bathtub and affects the firmness of the bathtub. When you buy a bathtub, touch the bathtub with your hand and feel the thickness of some bathtubs.

4, appearance

When buying a Built In Cast Iron Bathtub , we must pay attention to the appearance of the bathtub. When we buy it, we must look at the quality of the glazed surface. The surface is smooth and not clean, the color is good, and there are no pinholes or bubbles.

Built In Cast Iron Bathtub

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