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The Toilet Is Decorated First Stick Ceramic Tile Or Install Toilet First

Nov 03 , 2018

Do you know the specific process of the bathroom renovation? I want to ask you a question, let you decorate the bathroom, do you first tiling or pre-installing the toilet? Perhaps everyone's answer is different. Today, the China Toilet Seat Factory will talk to you about this. problem. Whether it is tiling first or the toilet first.

As far as decoration is concerned, it is generally first to lay the floor tiles and then install the toilet, but before doing so, be sure to reserve the position of the toilet, and determine the distance, then lay the tiles, and then seal the gap under the toilet with silicone.

Why do you put the toilet in the bricks first? There are mainly these reasons.

1. Prevent water leakage

If the toilet is installed first, it will hinder the post-laying of the tiles. The tiles close to the toilet are not easy to be laid. If the operation is improper, it will easily cause problems such as water leakage. If water leaks, it is a very difficult problem, especially in the bathroom. If it leaks, it will cause a lot of odor and bring difficulties to our lives.

2, convenient for late toilet maintenance

If the toilet is installed first during the renovation, then if there is a problem with the toilet in the later stage, it needs to be repaired or replaced. When the toilet is replaced, the tiles need to be opened, which may damage the waterproofing and is quite time consuming and labor intensive. This is quite troublesome. It is also very troublesome to knock on the tiles. It is very troublesome to re-post and re-construct. Therefore, these problems must be considered in advance, and the province will have problems in the future.

3, protect the toilet from being destroyed

Tiles can be used to protect the toilet from damage during renovation. If the toilet is installed first, the toilet may be accidentally scratched during subsequent tiling. In addition, if the toilet is installed first, dust, cement mortar, etc. generated during tiling may easily enter the toilet, which may cause the toilet to become clogged. The toilet is actually very fragile. Once it is scratched, it will seriously affect the service life of the toilet./ manufacturer of O-type Toilet Seat. We have a high-tech work shop. We have a complete quality management system. Choose us, you can be get most careful and thoughtful service! 

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