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  • Drop In Cast Iron Bathtub YX-102

Drop In Cast Iron Bathtub YX-102

1500x750 – 88±2kg

1500x750 – Bath volume is 140 Liters



Goldman's enameled cast iron bathtub has long service life and good thermal insulation performance. The surface of cast iron bathtub is bright, easy to clean, and resistant to acid and alkali . The material of the cast iron bathtub can be reused and environmental protection; Humanization design.The bottom of the bathtub is widened. You could make anti-slip on the bottom of cast iron bathtub,it will be safe and comfortable when you take a shower.

YX-102    Service life is more than 25 years

YX-102      Anti-slip coating

YX-102   The enlarged basin

YX-102   Simple and fast mount system of the bath legs

YX-102    ECO - friendly

YX-102   Easy to clean

YX-102    1500x750 – 88±2kg

YX-102     High quality enamel

YX-102  1500x750 – Bath volume is 140 Liters

YX-102   The bath is coverd with 3 titanium enamel layers,has completely smooth surface

YX-102     Humanization design

YX-102    The bath could install handles




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